No. Programs Objective Timeline
1 Orientation for Freshmen To inform new students of the school rules and regulation intended in promoting their well-being. 8-Aug-18
2 ACTS Automated Student Council Elections To help students exercise their rights to vote and to be voted as student leaders through digital media.
3 Convocation and Acquaintance Party To foster camaraderie, harmony, personal relationship and social well-being of the students. 31-Aug-18
4 BEST 2017 and IT Symposium To learn and become productive in business skills, concepts and practices in business management and to keep abreast of the latest trends and technology in Information and Communication Technology. First and Second Semester
5 Leadership Training To prepare elected officers to become effective, efficient, responsible and dignified global leaders. All throughout the year
6 Christmas Party Reverence to Almighty God. Social, Moral and Spiritual well-being of the students. 19-Dec-18
7 Inter-Collegiate Skills Competition & Quiz Bee Promote and develop the talents, abilities, skills and knowledge of the students and make them resourceful, innovative and creative. January 23-26, 2019
8 Seminars and Conferences To learn basic significant concepts and practices in business and industry. First and Second Semester
9 ACTS ACAD Day To promote the pragmatic Application of Information Technology, Business and Industry concepts through a friendly competition. February 14-15, 2019
10 Search for Mr. and Ms. ACTS To develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal well-being of the student candidates.
11 ACTS Foundation Week Promoting and nurturing the intellectual, physical, emotional, political, economical, social, moral and spiritual well-being of the students. March 5-9, 2019
12 Job Search & Job Fairs To teach the graduating students on application letter, resume writing, interview techniques and job search skills. 15-Mar-19
13 Career Guidance Assistance / On-the-Job Training To help students familiarize what they have learned in the classroom setting to an actual work environment. Every Semester
14 Dean's Listers To produce a professional, competent, competitive and highly qualified graduates ready to compete in the fast-changing global environment. Every Semester
15 ACTS Scholarship Assistance Program (ASAP) To provide scholarship assistance to deserving students ranging from P3,000.00 up to P11,000.00 discount in Total Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees every semester. Every Semester
16 Expanded ASAP To help students get more benefits and more incentive through Expanded ASAP. Every Semester
17 Guidance and Counseling To help the students become fully integrated, mature, independent, responsive and morally upright persons who have a passion for learning and discovery. All the year round
18 Student's Absences Monitoring Systems (SAMS) Regulate and control absenteeism of students to avoid dropouts from the course and retaining them active academically until graduation. All throughout every semester
19 Parent's Visitation To foster camaraderie and relationship with parents. All throughout every semester
20 Serve Letter and Texting to Parents/Students To follow-up students with frequent absences and students who failed to sit in the scheduled periodical examination. All throughout every semester
21 National Service Training Program To develop a sense of responsibilities through community service, to become a responsible and dignified global citizen. First and Second Semester
22 Church Related Activities - First Friday Mass To help enrich the moral and spiritual well-being of the students and stable relatioship with our GOD.. First and Second Semester
23 English Program To teach and enhance English Proficiency and Competency of students. All the year round
24 Academic Tutorials To promote academic excellence by encouraging students to participate in rigorous holistic and wholesome learning environment. All the year round
25 MATH@ACTS To promote fair and friendly competition among competing schools. Strengthening of the mathematical skills and abilities of the students. 23-Nov-18
26 Search for Most Outstanding Students To give distinction and recognition for students who excel in academic and extra-curricular activities (internal and external). Foundation Day
27 Recognition of Outstanding Alumni To recognize graduates of ACTS for exceptional, professional, academic, or research achievement and contribution to the community at the local, national and international level. Graduation Day
28 Loyalty Award This award is bestowed upon alumni of ACTS who made significant, notable and meritorious contributions and who have consistently demonstrated exceptional loyalty, commitment, dedication and service to ACTS Alumni Association for the advancement of their Alma Mater and our Beloved Philippines. Graduation Day
29 Workfile To enhance the creativeness and writing abilities of the students in the preparation of the school newsletter. Every Semester
30 Recollection To enlighten the mind, body and soul of graduating students and give proper outlook and guidance that will enable them to enthusiastically address all facets of life transformations. First and Second Semester
31 Senior High School Work Immersion College OJT/Practicum To help our students with their classroom learning to an actual work experience in business and industry environment. First and Second Semester
No Programs Objective Timeline