ACTS FACULTY AND STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY 2019: A Blissful Day Full of Blessings

Author:Ms. Maria Lourdes D. Monteramos

Date Published:2020-01-09  11:00 AM

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The family of ACTS Computer College celebrated joyfully the such awaited holiday for the month of December. This is the time of sharing, exchanging gifts and even spending their valuable time with one another. In giving life and experiencing the real spirit of this momentous holiday’s celebration the faculty and administrative staff of the said institution had their own version of Christmas Party last December 19, 2019. Each of them got their own-fashioned Coachella Outfit as for the theme of the day.

The day started with the family prayer meeting which was headed by the College President/Director - Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao. All of them prayed with solemnity as for bringing back all the praises and gratefulness to our loving GOD. Dr. Adoree A. Ramos, inspired everybody as she told her story as part of her sharing. Then, minutes passed, the food was blessed and served for the lunch. At around 1:30 p.m. the program continued with a special number showed by the “Freshies” with Sir John Mathew Macalinao and a song number by Ms. Edlyn Krizzle I. Rivera and Ms. Manzyel Joy G. De Lilla. Next, games were facilitated by Dr. Adoree A. Ramos. These were Trip to Jerusalem, Charades, Arrange Yourselves, Group Yourselves and 3,6,9. Everyone definitely enjoyed the games. All of them were really laughing out loud as they saw everyone’s joyful reaction.

The highlight of the program was unlocked, the exchanging of gifts. The excitement got into its high level when Mrs. Elma Macalinao started giving the Christmas raffle prizes. After that the parents of ACTS Family, Mrs. Elma M. Macalinao and Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao shared their blessings to all the faculty and administrative staff. The whole celebration was ended with a closing prayer of Engr. Randie Ian A. Villatuya.

This momentous day was shared by everyone. It was of big thanks for the overflowing love and never ending blessings experienced as part of celebrating Christmas. Indeed, being one as ACTS Family is a BIG BLESSING to be considered. With this, an extreme gratefulness to the God Almighty.

To GOD be the Glory.