ACTS Computer College Gift Giving 2019

Author:Ms. Hannah Zsanice V. Maulawin

Date Published:2020-01-08  10:00 AM

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“There is more Happiness in Giving than in receiving (ACTS 20:35b)” has been the advocacy of ACTS Computer College for the past few years, and this legacy continued last December 10, December 17, and December 18, 2019 at Anibong Elementary School, Pagsanjan, Laguna, Montserrat Subdivision, Barangay Santo Angel Sur, Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) Luisiana, Laguna and ANCOP Cavinti, Laguna. This advocacy aims to provide felt needs and other services to the less fortunate and to celebrate life and success by giving back to society the blessings that the school received from GOD Almighty.

The first community outreach program was held at Barangay Anibong, Pagsanjan, Laguna last December 10, 2019. The President/Director of ACTS Computer College, Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao, together with his better half, Mrs. Elma Macalinao, accompanied by Dr. Eric P. Castillo and the SSG and SC officers were warmly welcomed by the people present there. To officially start the program, an opening prayer was done. Followed by the inspirational message of Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao. Then, giving of gifts took place. Indeed, they were very grateful to the blessings that they received and happiness was really evident on their faces as they bid them goodbye.

On the following week, December 17, 2019, the second community outreach program was held at Montserrat Subdivision, Barangay Santo Angel Sur. The people as well as the officials greeted the faculty and staff members of ACTS Computer College joyously. They were very excited for them. The event started, and it was hosted by Mr. Nio Valenzuela and Ms. Malou Monteramos. Then, proceeded by an opening prayer and an opening remarks of Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao. Followed by the message of the Barangay Captain, Hon. Mary Ann Frontuna. Next, to give more happiness to the people, selected faculty and staff members, together with the SSG and SC officers of ACTS Computer College gave a dance number. After this, gift-giving was conducted and every child was given a special gift through the kindness of Mrs. Elma Macalinao.

The next day, the third and last outreach program happened at ANCOP Luisiana, Laguna and ANCOP Cavinti, Laguna. It was a very memorable and heartfelt experience since these places were very close to the hearts of Prof. Ruben Macalinao and Mrs. Elma Macalinao. During this journey, selected faculty members, together with Dr. Eric P. Castillo, accompanied them. The people’s excitement was shown upon seeing them smile. As a sign of their gratitude, some children prepared a dance number. Then followed by the distribution of Christmas gifts.

Aside from the fact that true spirit of Christmas is sharing, ACTS Computer College advocacy lives not just during Christmas because the blessing of prayer that they have shared with the community stays.

To GOD be the Glory.