ACTStistas Celebrates Christmas Party 2019

Author:Ms. Hannah Zsanice V. Maulawin

Date Published:2020-01-07  09:00 AM

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As blessed as how a joyous Christmas is, ACTS Computer College celebrated its yearly Christmas Party last December 14, 2019 at the Multipurpose Gym, Laguna Sports Complex, Santa Cruz, Laguna with a theme of, “Let’s Resound Love, Joy and Happiness in this Season of Giving and Sharing.”

The program started by an opening prayer led by Ms. Hannah Zsanice V. Maulawin. Followed by the singing of the National Anthem and ACTS Hymn of ACTS ALGORhythm. Then, the College President/Director - Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao delivered his very inspirational Christmas message which taught the students that Christmas is not all about expensive gifts and grand parties, but it is about love and generosity of giving and sharing to everyone, especially to the underprivileged, anchored in the bible verse, “There is more Happiness in Giving than in receiving”, (ACTS 20:35b). It was then followed by the intermission number of the selected students of SHS and College department. And to ignite more the excitement, Ms. Edlyn Rivera and Ms. Manzyel Joy De Lilla gave a song number. Happiness could be seen at the faces of each students while they sung altogether. Indeed, the Spirit of Joy was in the midst of them. The first part of the program ended with a closing prayer that was led by Ms. Lanz Alexcee Calacalsada.

The event continued after the students enjoyed their lunch. An opening prayer was done once again that was led by Ms. Harley Queenie Flores. Followed by the Christmas message of the Senior High School Principal - Dr. Eric P. Castillo which motivated the students to become generous and to love, still, in spite of shortcomings. Then, to stir up the feeling of great enthusiasm of the students, raffle promo has been drawn. Prof. Ruben Macalinao and Mrs. Elma Macalinao were big-hearted enough to give ACTStistas some prizes that could be beneficial for them. The winners felt really grateful as they received their respective prizes. Next, as the enjoyment continued, Mrs. Maricris Amoloza and Mr. Lemmuel Lacbay were called to facilitate the games. It was really fun-filled and the students played excitedly and joyfully. And to spice up more the joyful atmosphere, the selected faculty and staff members of ACTS Computer College gave a special dance number. As the event drew to an end, Ms. Maria Lourdes Monteramos gave a closing remarks, followed by the closing prayer of Ms. Denniella Alias.

Truly, the purpose of this Christmas party is not only for the happiness of oneself, but to proclaim GOD’s glory. And for the students to realize that the true meaning of Christmas is love because God loved His own and provided a way – the only Way – for His people to spend eternity with Him.

To GOD be the Glory.