NSTP Christmas Gift Giving

Author:Mrs. Maricris A. Amoloza

Date Published:2020-01-06  10:00 AM

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For the NSTP students of ACTS Computer College, giving back is the true meaning of Christmas. It is the season of sharing the blessings they have received from our loving GOD and making a difference in someone’s life. It was the main reason why the students came up to the Christmas Gift Giving Program.

The program was organized by the NSTP Teacher, Mrs. Maricris A. Amoloza and the College students of ACTS Computer College together with the Sangguniang Barangay of Barangay Santo Angel Sur, Santa Cruz, Laguna headed by their Barangay Captain, Hon. Mary Ann Frontuna. The theme of the program was “There is more Happiness in Giving than in receiving (ACTS 20:35b)”, hosted by Mr. Daniel Calabit and Ms. Cristal Josue. It was held at Don Pio Event’s Place which was formally started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Mary Joy Uyan followed by the opening remarks of Mrs. Maricris A. Amoloza. She thanked Hon. Mary Ann Frontuna, the Barangay Officials and the parents of the Day Care students for allowing them to celebrate the Early Christmas Party in their Barangay. Afterwards, one of the NSTP students, Mr. Mark Jay Blue Pambuan sang some children and Christmas songs to entertain the children. The Senior High School Principal, Dr. Eric P. Castillo also gave his message to all parents and children present in the program. He gave emphasis on the importance of sharing and giving to others and wished them a Merry Christmas. After the short message of Dr. Eric P. Castillo, the thirty five children sang a Christmas song for ACTS Computer College Family to show that they were grateful to be part of the program.

The hosts started the games and ensured that everyone participated in the games. The winners of the games received fantastic prizes. After the fun games and dance, the NSTP students distributed the foods to the children and parents. While they are eating, the NSTP Officers sang “Thank you, Thank you Ang Babait Ninyo” to express how thankful they were. The last part of the program was the distribution of the simple gifts prepared by the NSTP Students. All the efforts and sacrifices of the students were paid off because the faces of the children were full of joy and happiness. Through this program, they realized that giving back is not only good thing to do but it also makes people and GOD happier. The program ended with a closing prayer led by Mrs. Maricris A. Amoloza.

To GOD be the Glory.