ACTS Computer College Recollection 2019

Author:Ms. Hannah Zsanice V. Maulawin

Date Published:2019-11-27  03:22 PM

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For the students to live an Excellent Christian Culture of Life, ACTS Computer College conducted its yearly recollection last November 8-9, 2019. It was attended by Grade 11 students together with their advisers. The day was filled with excitement and exuberance, as the students arrived before the registration begun. They waited for the speakers who are members of Youth for Christ (YFC) Laguna Chapter.

The activity formally begun with an opening prayer, followed by the brief orientation of the speakers. They introduced themselves, and proceeded with the ice-breakers. The activities were enjoyed by the students because they had an opportunity to showcase their talents and were able to share their personal experiences. For that reason, they had deeper understanding about who they are, and the value of life God has given them. Afterwards, the speakers imparted their words of wisdom about the topic, “Kaleidoscope,” wherein the participants realized that despite the good and bad moments in their lives, it can be an instrument to shape them to become the best version of their life. Furthermore, the students were joyful that another ice breaker was done in the afternoon that built their unity and togetherness. After sharing a laugh, another speaker delivered an inspiring talk which was about “Appreciating My Blessing of Family.” Thereafter, the preparation and celebration for the Holy Eucharist was conducted. The students listened with eagerness as the priest preached the Word of God that tenders their hearts and uplifts their spirits. Then, the students went back to their respective rooms and had their closing activity and prayer.

Truly, ACTS Computer College has a passion and a sole purpose of progressing the student’s moral and spiritual empowerment and therefore making them more responsible, more responsive, more reliable, more resilient, and more dignified Christian person of their family and their community. And it was indeed a successful and glorious day, because ACTS Computer College fulfilled its mission for GOD and His people. Thus, the students were not only given a chance to learn more about themselves and others, but they had an opportunity to deepen more their relationship with our Almighty GOD.

To GOD be the Glory.