Author:Ms. Maria Lourdes D. Monteramos

Date Published:2019-11-26  01:19 AM

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Author: Ms. Jane Marie Marcelo

Date Published: 2019-12-20 04:13 PM

Last November 20, 2019, the Cultural Center of Laguna was filled with more than a thousand of attendees for a purpose of conducting one of the milestones of ACTS Computer College, the BITS 2019. It has a theme of “Business Mindset, Technology Innovation and Leadership in the 21st Century.”

The said event formally started at around 12:50 in the afternoon, 10 minutes earlier before the set time. Mr. Jerome C. Aguilar was called on stage for the invocation. Then, it was followed by the Philippine National Anthem and ACTS Hymn which were sung by the ACTS Algorhythm. Minutes passed, the emcees, Mr. Ninyo Joseph C. Valenzuela and Ms. Maria Lourdes D. Monteramos welcomed energetically the crowd. The atmosphere turned into a livelier one as the emcees did a roll call of the students from the Senior High School department and college department.

Next in line, was the inspirational and informative message delivered by the President/Director of ACTS Computer College, Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao. The audience was absolutely enlightened about the role of ACTS Computer College in building and promoting sustainable quality education. After that, everyone was laughing out loud. It was an achy-stomach ice breaker. The students definitely enjoyed the “Apple, Orange and Lemon” game. Congratulations to the female college students and to the male Grade 12- students.

Highlights of the program were revealed as the emcees stated the objectives and contents of the said event. Afterwards, the first speaker, Engr. Randie Ian A. Villatuya, the Acting head of the Department of Computer Studies, was called on stage to give insights about the “21st Century Innovation in the Open”. It was such a well-equipped talk. Everyone got amazed with how the Artificial Intelligence works like in facial recognition, software and predictive search in search engines. When Engr. Villatuya demonstrated the Google assistance, the participants were astounded especially when he said “Hey Google show me pictures with a hat,” then seconds passed Google showed the result of the pictures of Sir Ian from his gallery wherein he was wearing a hat. After the talk, the table for the forum was opened. There were some students from ABM strand and college students from the DCS who raised their questions. All questions were entertained by Engr. Villatuya. Then, Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao and Dr. Maria Luz P. Salvador were called on stage to give the Certificate of Appreciation to Engr. Randie Ian A. Villatuya.

Minutes passed, ang Pambansang Inspirasyon, Mr. Lloyd A. Luna was acquainted as he introduced himself with his impressive AVP. His talk focused on the “Stepback Leadership”. All were inspired and motivated by the way he delivered his talk as he emphasized the unique leadership philosophy used by our Filipino Ancestors. He even put a stress that COLLABORATION is better than COMPETITION. This will only be achieved through the Stepback Leadership. After this part, the forum was conducted. Then, Prof. Macalinao, Dr. Salvador, Dr. Ramos and Dr. Castillo were called on stage to present the Plaque of Appreciation for his presence and effort.

Next in line, Dr. Adoree A. Ramos, the Head of the Department of Business Management and the overall chairperson of the BITS 2019 did the recapitulation and expresses her meaningful message through her closing remarks. As part of acknowledging all her efforts which resulted to its success, a Certificate of Appreciation was given by Prof. Ruben F. Macalinao and his beloved wife, Mrs. Elma M. Macalinao together with Dr. Salvador and Dr. Eric P. Castillo. The atmosphere turned into its solemnity as Mr. Ariel Jr. M. Tobias, did the closing prayer.

This day was perfectly worth it. No hours, minutes or even seconds got wasted. All left the place with such thriving experience of learning. It was indeed that all things were set forth successfully. The family of ACTS Computer College was truly grateful for all the people who served as an instrument for this awe-inspiring day.

To GOD be the Glory.